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Baobab Trio

This power trio is my main musical project. Along with my partners, guitarist Wanderson Lopez and percussionist Edu Szajnbrum, I have been developing a Brazilian Fusion Music that merges grooves and forms stemming from different Brazilian traditions (such as Choro, Samba, Maracatu) and from Contemporary Jazz and World Music. 

The group was created in 2005, at first as a piano/guitar duo, and  one year later we were joined by Edu Szajnbrum. We have worked quite extensively on Radamés Gnattali's compositions, as well as other Brazilian composers, such as Baden Powell, Tom Jobim, João Donato, and Egberto Gismonti.

The trio was in the core of my project O Aleph, released in 2007.

In 2011, we decided to record our own album, it was published one year later, in 2012.  Our second album was recorded in 2015, and will soon be out.

In 2015, we marked our 10th anniversary .

Baobab Trio (2015)

Baobab Trio (2015)

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